Bangkok to Phuket

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Too bad I won't be in Bangkok anymore on Saturday... Som, a very nice girl who works near my hotel, just invited me to spend her day off with her. It would have been really cool to stroll through Bangkok with a local... behind the scenes, so to speak πŸ™‚

However, I just booked my flight to Phuket on Thursday ... where I want to join my brother and his buddies again who will return from Myanmar today.

Songkran Water Festival

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Gut, wir alle kennen das Thema. Und ja, Geschmäcker sind verschieden. Aber was hier massenhaft ohne Waffenschein herumläuft, ist einfach unglaublich. Man kann es keinem Mann verdenken, wenn er hier nicht widerstehen konnte...

War gestern mit Christoph im Siam Center ... Wahnsinn, einfach riesig! Dabei weiß ich nit mal, ob es das größte Einkaufszentrum in Bangkok ist *g*. Besonders wenn ich mal kreative, stylishe Einrichtungsgegenstände brauche, wäre ein Besuch wohl angebracht πŸ™‚

Das Songkran Water Festival ist zwar eigentlich erst im April zur Feier des thailändischen Neujahrs. Gestern hatte ich jedoch das Glück, genau vor unserem Hotel Palace in der Khao San Road in Dreharbeiten über dieses Festival zu gelangen :). War eine sehr feuchtfröhliche Angelegenheit *g*

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One (and more) nights in Bangkok

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My Indochina tour starts great ... after a few wonderful (!) hours with Issi in Bangkok (thanks a lot for everything!!! — not what you think, guys!!) I met my brother Erwin πŸ™‚ ... who is on a 6-month round-the-world-tour with four buddies. It turned out that they flew in from Hongkong only one day after I arrived in Bangkok ... which I found out just a few days before my own flight ... a very nice coincidence πŸ™‚

Just a few interesting details about my equipment: The main backpack weighs around 19 kg, the daypack approximately 6 kg ... including around 5 kg of Diabetes supply. 150 glucose sensor discs (i.e. 1500 sensors), 1.5 kg of Dextro Energy and 1.5 kg of insulin (60 ampules cooled with 2 Frio cooling bags) ... enough for about 6 months.

Thus I had to cut down on other things ... I had to leave my hairdryer at home *g*