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What does a computer scientist do when he's on holiday in Bangkok for a few days?

He thinks "oh, for such a long journey my blog and my gallery aren't working together as smoothly as I want them to, so I better sit down a few hours and fix that ... and hey, now I'm already working on that, why not install and integrate a new gallery system which I've wanted to do for ages — spending about twice as much money as a girl would cost me here (about 30 euros btw) for internet access" 😉

Well, it's still not the way I want it to be ... but good enough for now — enjoy!

Note: Unfortunately (?), my pride does not allow me to pay for the former anyway, but it serves quite well as an example for comparisons 😉

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  1. Tommy + muddy

    Hallo! Habe zu tun deine Einträge in Englisch zu entziffern!
    Dein Englisch-Wörterbuch liegt immer griffbereit neben mir.
    Du weißt in der 1. Klasse Volksschule sind wir noch nicht so weit! Tschüss und Gute Nacht!

  2. principessa

    möcht i a hoffn, dass du das nicht nötig hast! Mit deinem Charme! Da müssen die Mädls ja dir was zahlen! 😉

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