Back home :)

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Finally, I'm back home ... in Bangkok :). Just arrived with the night bus from Vientiane (12 hrs) and it feels really good to be back ... yeah, this is my city 🙂

This also means that I can be reached again at my Thai mobile number +66 800 718 040 — so if you want to call me via Skype... 😉

Btw: During the last weeks I was planning my OZ trip with Boernie (3 weeks in March; I wanted to be there anyway because of the wedding of my ex-girlfriend Scarlett). And 2 days ago I finally booked my flight to Christchurch (on January 9) ... so now it's official: I'll continue my journey 🙂

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  1. Tommy + muddy

    Guten Flug und viel Spass miteinander!

  2. Steffi

    auch ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß! pass auf dich auf!

    Bussi, Steffi

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