Crash. Boom. Bang.

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Today I had my first (harmless) collision with a motorbike. Actually, it's a little wonder that it took so long to happen, considering the chaotic traffic in Asia. As usual I tried to sidle through about 20 motorbikes coming from the left — completely forgetting that in these countries this does not mean that no one will come from the right side — on the same lane — too.

But maybe I was simply still too distracted because minutes before a monk tried to hit on me 😉

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  1. alisie (qing)

    hey you, babe! thanks so much for the (belated) email, and i’ll reply you more properly eventually, but this will have to do for the meantime;)
    thanks for telling me about your blog.. and yes, i love the title! short skirts and long legs. sweet! *rrrr* 😉
    miss you heaps josef! *love* XoXo

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